3 unique ways to create visual content for network marketing audiences

Mobile has changed the way we interact with the world around us. It has impacted the way we consume information, the way we communicate and the way we buy.

Which is why lead generation models (like web hosting reviews) are starting to ask for information.

At minimum, ask for an email or phone number. This page that ranks network marketing companies cleans up using a simple, bright-red “schedule a call” button.

One of the reasons why people are spending so much time on mobile is because it empowers them to do find what they need, when they need it and to consume it. They’ve been called micro-moments – these key decision moments when we act on our needs in-the-moment, when our expectations are high and our patience is low. It’s when we research a potential purchase in a store, when we look up a “how-to” video to solve a problem or when we search for a new idea to help us complete a task. Read more

Industry Roundup: ‘Four Corners’ Launches in USA, Banner Ad Mogul ‘Neobux’ Celebrates 20 Years


It was twenty years ago that the world saw its first banner ad- back in 1994 when nobody yet understood what the internet could be, much less how it would change the face of advertising. Also, in 1994, network marketing companies were still in the infancy stages of marketing.

Back in 1994 advertising execs were still preoccupied with TV and (imagine) print ads. Even ten years later, in 2004, only 3.5% of the world’s advertising dollars were spent online. Four Corners Alliance Group is a testament of this, as they’ve finished 2014 strong, becoming one of the highest-rated infoproduct matrix deals in the industry.

But look how far we’ve come- businesses now typically spend a quarter of their advertising budgets on online ads and it’s expected to reach closer to a third in the next 3 years, according to Statista.

Predictions are not fact, but they're based on the most likely outcomes, and the reign of ...
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NeoBux Offers Advertisers a Platform for Their Banner Ads

Now, 20 years after the first banner ad appeared, they’re everywhere..with the latest trends. The youngest generation has been raised online, and banner ads are pretty much invisible to them at this point: how can business owners make sure their ads get watched?

As audiences mature, so does the ad industry, as it finds ways to put eyes on banners. One solution developed during the last decade has been paid to click or paid to watch advertising. Third party operations connect advertisers with targeted audiences, for virtually guaranteed viewing of ads.

A leader in this field is Neobux, a company that’s been connecting viewers with banner ads for 6 years now.

Neobux: Six Years and Still Going Strong

Neobux, according to this review, grew from a tiny Beta phase operation in March 2008 to it’s current incarnation: top of the industry banner platform for businesses that want to advertise their website and increase sales. Neobux offers:

  • Anti-cheat protection against auto-clickers
  • Stats for advertisers’ banner viewings
  • Millions of ad viewers in their growing network
  • Ability to filter viewers according to demographics so ads are targeted to the right audience

Pay to Click Banner Advertising: What Does the Future Hold?

The PTC medium of advertising is only going to get bigger and more relevant as the cable TV industry breaks down. We’re now moving towards streaming TV online, and away from cable TV.

That means an enormous change in the advertising industry as well.

Advertisers will shift their budgets around so that banner advertising plays a bigger role in ad campaigns, while TV ads will become less and less relevant. Companies like Neobux are poised to lead the way in helping companies advertise their businesses online- they’re already doing this as we speak!

How to Get Some Banner Advertising for Your Business

After all, digital advertising is here to stay, and the more businesses owners learn about their options, the better off they’ll be. Need help in wading your way through the slightly complicated world of digital advertising? Turn to the internet, where virtually everything is there for the picking.

You can start with the Neobux website, where the benefits of advertising with them are explained in detail.

Or consider taking an online course in digital media or online marketing. There’s actually something called The Online Marketing Institute. You gotta just love the Internet, where anything is possible.

Key Fundamental Insights To Network Marketing

network-marketing-debateWhen people hear the word multilevel marketing, most of them will turn tail and not even listen to the potential benefits of this business model. This is because of the stigma that has been formed over the years about it. Companies have fallen over, some have left their affiliates hanging or there is always that one guy that bashes the industry because he couldn’t make the income he was hoping for.

These sad stories don’t always have to be the case. The truth is MLM and Network Marketing experts are all promising how it can be very rewarding and fulfilling when its done right..but there are a variety of opinions about this industry, which makes it an interesting topic to discuss.

Network marketing has a lot of advantages over the usual retail-marketing model that the average person is not aware of.

Advantages – How Does Network Marketing Work?

Network marketing offers flexibility and the ability for entrepreneurs to be in business for themselves but not by themselves.

The MLM model is based on several levels of marketers. The company will hire a distributor who will sale the product directly to costumers and receive a commission for a successful sale. When affiliates recruit new distributors, a percentage of the commission from the new rep will be added to their check. The same will happen for the third under the second and the fourth under the third and so on. The more levels there are, the higher the commission received by those above.

Many will batch network marketing for its similarity to a pyramid business model, but if we think about it corporations are not different, since there are many workers and one CEO that calls all the shots. Opposite than a conventional corporation where it could take decades for an employee to become CEO (if ever possible) network marketing gives you an opportunity to level up and create a higher income according to your input and efforts, which is priceless. There are blogging communities and platforms out there trying to share and uplift these powerful messages. Kalatu Network is one that has been becoming a much needed breathe of fresh air in the direct sales space as it offers people a viable and valuable way to produce content and gain an audience online.

Normally, there are a lot of middlemen a company has to go through to get to consumers. However, with network marketing, the product goes directly to the costumer via their affiliates. This cuts out the costs of retail and advertising from the company’s budget, what enables them to pay affiliates commissions and create an attractive compensation plan to recruit more reps. There are always shortcuts to help simplify the process and learn the secrets of the masters. Tony Robbins had a fantastic interview with 2 elite internet marketers that you should listen to as soon as possible.

In order to create a successful business all you need is a few great reps and your business could take off.

At the end, this business model does have its merits and its drawbacks. You have to work hard and remain consistent to get people to buy products in order to make any sort of profit.

When we asked serial entrepreneur Justin Verrengia what he thought about the MLM concept and philosophy, he said this, “I don’t know about you, but when you are in the business of people helping people, you are setting yourself up to uplift people and that can only have long term positive effects and rewards.”  What is even more fascinating is that long time small business pioneer and marketer Vick Strizheus had the same thing to say!

Regardless of the multiple setbacks you could run into when building an organization, If you decide to build a network marketing business is key to have a strong mindset and remember that millions of distributors around the world, have been able to create a sustainable business for themselves using this model.